Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

What Teachers Should Never (Ever!) Wear

We hate to admit it, because we personally feel that clothes shouldn’t matter. In a perfect world, a person would be judged at their workplace based solely on the caliber of their work. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works.
How you choose to dress each morning reflects how you feel about your job – that you take your position seriously, that you are ready to work and that you pay attention to detail and know what you expect to encounter that day. You wouldn’t go to a construction site in your favorite four-inch stilettos, right? Of course not, you’d go in a hard hat, because it’s appropriate for the situation. Appearances matter!
We’ve all been there, though. The days you wake up feeling sick, but still have to make it into the office, so you throw on any old thing that’s (kind of ) clean.
Regardless of the excuses, there are some things that professionals should just never wear. Ever.
We’ll show you what these things are, why they’re a terrible wardrobe choice and if you’re guilty of having one in your closet – or (gasp!) in your daily rotation – we’ll give you a much better alternative.
And for your men out there who are teachers: this article is geared towards women since we know you probably don’t care as much about fashion as females do!

1. Crocs

2. Footless Leggings and Spandex/Yoga Pants


3. Showing Too Much Skin


4. Heavy – or no – makeup


5. What You Wore Yesterday


6. Piling on the Jewelry


7. Long Fingernails