Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

A Letter for Someone I Love the Most

Idk how to start. I sent you sms twice by my mom's but they all failed. I'm so sorry I can't make a call to you.
Dear, the first I want to tell you is I'm fine and hope you are fine as well. I saw some news about Libya, they were so.... Ah! I can't explain it.
Baby, it is the hardest thing I have ever past, is not being with you, and you know that well. Many people said that I'm crazy, weird, or whatever. 'What are you worry about?'. They did not know our sweetest story. They did not even know who you are.
Honey, I promised my mama and dad that I will send their warm regards to you, but I just can do it here, even though Idk when you will read it.
Baby, there are many many much much stories I want to tell. I just can pray, Libya will be fine soon, at least for the internetwork. Of course you and your family too.
Sweetie, you always call me that, but now no one do so. I have met many boys, I confess, I have ever liked some of them, but what the hell, no one like you.
Dear, hope you always take care of yourself. You have to believe that I will not stop praying for you, and of course I believe you do it as well for me. I'm not afraid to loss you, but I'm afraid if I loss your love, even though it is the most impossible thing.
Honey, frankly, I can't bear this tears. It is sad tears but will be changed to happy tears soon. I remember about my daily activities, at this time, 6.30 pm, we always chat and you are about to go to college. Hope it will happen again soon.
Only these all I can say, hope every thing about you are gonna be alright as soon as possible.

Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 6.34 pm.

I'm who you love, with the deepest love.