Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

Dream about You (AGAIN)

Well... I hope I don’t awake from my sleep. I was dreaming again about Moha. It’s so something strange between dream and real.
When I was standing in front of house, Moha came like an angel, suddenly stand front of me and make me so surprised. He was smiling at me and hug me. I was still speechless but I tried to hold his hands. And do you know what I said?
I said, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t received your call, because I used old phone. If I received your call, my phone will turn off, I just can use SMS. And I can’t downloaded mig because it’s too...”
“Heavy... Yeah, I know...”
“...Ye yea right...”
“It’s okay, baby. I understand...” You said with smile and caress my face. “I have to go now, baby... I’ll be back if I have time.”
I was so sad and I can’t bear at all, I was crying and crying. He hugged me once again and kiss me. Said, “You’re a strong girl, Julia. Come on, don’t give me tears when I’ll go. It make me want to stay here always with you.”
I see his face and tried to allows he go. I couldn’t say anything, I just tried to smile at him. But, a moment ago, he said, “I think I can’t leave you alone because my feel can’t bear see you like this.”
“No. You can go if you want. You...”
“But, I won’t and I’ll stay here. See you, baby. And give me smile, please...”
And he’s gone. Go, run, I don’t know where he’ll go? Tomorrow morning, I know where he lives. I don’t know well who’s house? I just see Moha, Ali and a girl. Oh, she is their maid. I want to visit their house, but, I still doubt. I tried to call someone on their house. I was singing to call someone on there. (I don’t know what happened to me on my dream, hahaha :D) Sing to call somebody in house. I was singing the song of Celine Dion, My Heart Will Go On, hahaha :p But, no one out from house. I decided to visit my friend’s house first while waiting for, don’t know for what. I was waiting for till an hour. And I decided to visit again, come again to their house. I saw Moha and Ali lying on bed front of tv, and their maid. I whispered, “Moha... Moha... It’s me Julia.” But you were just silent. I was smiling at their maid, she smile and said, “they are sleeping”. I decided to go home and will be back again tomorrow. Tomorrow, when I’ll go to that house again, Moha already stand front of my house, smile at me and said, “good morning, Julia”. I was so surprised and suddenly hugged him so tightly. Once again, Moha was smiling at me.

.....!@#$%^&*?)>...... Why that’s just a dream??? WHYYY...???
If I can be with always, I hope I don’t awake from my sleep, FOREVER...