Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

Hospital? Not too scary.

I went to the hospital when I wanna check my blood. But the doctor said, I should to be stayed in the hospital to received anything to make me fit again. After I checked my blood, Monday morning, 1st February 07.50 a.m I stayed in that hospital. Infusions every seconds (10 bottles during 4 days), injections 4 times everyday, the food, porridge and dish without taste, yuck!
First day, who went to saw me are Renaldo and Idoy. Whereas, I didn't tell him. Hmmm, don't know how he was know.
Second day, my mom's friends, Ifah's family, with Renaldo's cousin and my cousin-in-law, Ephoy, Ifah's mom and her brother. But, Ifah didn't come because she was working. And my mig's friends from room Cibubur. Hahaha... Love them so much! :*
Third day, Renaldo with his mom and my neighbours. In the evening, there are my mom's friend anymore and Raze, mig personality from room Depok, hehehe. He's handsome :p
And the last day, Thursday, I was feeling so so so bored. And I was feeling that I'm fit enough. So, I asked to Mr. Anggun, my doctor, he's soldier like my mom. I asked 'when I can go home?' And he answered me, 'you wanna go home? Okay go home, because you're okay now'. Wow, I'm so so so happy! I goes to home at 10 a.m from hospital and arrived at 10.40 a.m. But, I was feeling sad when I left that hospital and go home. Don't know why. Yeah, memory not must beauty, sometime scary and sadness.
After arrived at home, I was sleeping. When I woke up and open my eyes, Renaldo in front of me and said, 'your mig friends from room Depok Saung wants to see you', I was standing and said, 'okay' and left him to meet my friends.
After all my friends go home, my schoolmates came! Wow! I was so surprised and so happy. There are Bryan, Ferdi, Mike, Riswan, Pram, Syaifur, Bobby, Ameilya, Endar and Tarry. They gave me some fruits. I miss them so much because I didn't go to school 7 days, hehehe...

I miss my usual life, but sometime miss that hospital :)

Senin, 08 Februari 2010

A a a a a

Sunday, February 7th of 2010. 07.18 P.M. 3 minutes 28 seconds.
I can't explain by words!!! It was so AMAZING!!!
oh my GOD...