Minggu, 17 Januari 2010

Fool Love Story

I think it was the summertime. When I laid eyes on you. I didn't even know your name. Somehow we did ended up in the same room. It never crossed my mind. I never saw you like that. I should have listened to my best friend. He knew we did be a perfect match. It's a typical love story. We started out as friends. We met way back when. The boy you never wanted just steals your heart. I never saw it coming 'till I fell so hard. I always made up some excuse. Saying that you weren't my type. Didn't wanna face the truth. Didn't wanna cross that line. Till one day I saw you out the corner of my eye. And inside I thought I would die. Can't believe it's happening. When I least expected my prince under disguise. How you fooled me with those eyes. When I feel like I am blue. In your arms is where I knew, I am wrong. From the beginning we always belong.