Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

Bad thing.

At the moment like this, I want someone accompany me. But, they are not understand at all with me. I got bad results in my try out examinations part 5. I don't know why, what because I'm ill or I'm stupid. I don't know if the questions of the final exam has the same model like try out exams, it's too hard... I'm crying when I knew, 'I GOT BAD RESULTS IN TRY OUT EXAMINATIONS PART 5'. That results will not make me graduate. I won't have 'negative think' that 'I am stupid', maybe because I'm sick and too dizzy to answer that all questions. My friends can keep laughing and joking, but I don't know why I can't. I've been maked disppoint all the people around me.

Allah, please help me to reach all things that I want. I know that I often forgot about You, but just You, my place for ask something, maybe anything... Forgive me whom not and never perfect for You. I'll accept all Your fate and destiny...

Come on, Julia! You can do it :))))

Thursday, 02.00 p.m