Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

The greatest girl on earth (from my side)

1st of all . Assalamu alaikum . I am Mohammed , i'm that 1 who has Julia talked about , i wanna tell some about the greatest girl i've ever met . Julia is a girl who has good heart , good behaviour and good look , that girl has hacked my mind , and made it belongs to her , even my heart , she hacked it , i'm so so so crazy about her . I feel like i'm dying in her . In fact , she's almost perfect as i think . I don't know what others think , but that's my suggestions . However , sometimes there's some boy who wants us to separate , i don't know what's wrong with him , i don't care about him , and i wanna say to him and all , I WILL NOT LEAVE JULIA AS LONG AS I'M STILL BREATHING . And tell her , don't worry , Julia . I've promised you times and times that i won't leave you . And i still have 1 hope and i'm praying to Allah to do it , and it's meet Julia . May Allah let us meet each , Julia . May Allah be and protect you . I love you so much :-) . Thank you all who read this . :-)