Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

The greatest girl on earth (from my side)

1st of all . Assalamu alaikum . I am Mohammed , i'm that 1 who has Julia talked about , i wanna tell some about the greatest girl i've ever met . Julia is a girl who has good heart , good behaviour and good look , that girl has hacked my mind , and made it belongs to her , even my heart , she hacked it , i'm so so so crazy about her . I feel like i'm dying in her . In fact , she's almost perfect as i think . I don't know what others think , but that's my suggestions . However , sometimes there's some boy who wants us to separate , i don't know what's wrong with him , i don't care about him , and i wanna say to him and all , I WILL NOT LEAVE JULIA AS LONG AS I'M STILL BREATHING . And tell her , don't worry , Julia . I've promised you times and times that i won't leave you . And i still have 1 hope and i'm praying to Allah to do it , and it's meet Julia . May Allah let us meet each , Julia . May Allah be and protect you . I love you so much :-) . Thank you all who read this . :-)

Selasa, 15 Desember 2009

My Life?

My life now is like... Hmmm.. Don't know what. I don't know why I feel so strange. I've ever told that something lose in my soul. But I don't know what? But I think that impossible if I lost your love, no. I trust you at all. We've knew that we had so so so far distance. Maybe we will never meet with each other, but I don't hope so. Now, right now I'm writing my blog in my class when the bell was ringing the sign that school today is over. Alone with silence. Today, rain is falling like I have the tears. But I wants to be that rain's water. Because they are falling wherever they want. And if I become the rain, I will fall to there. I wants to be the star in the sky. Because everynights I will seeing you sleep like an angel, and I will shining on your dream. I don't know, I will become what if I really lost you. No and never, I won't. Although no one know that we are still... Yeah you know that. Because I won't nobody distrub us. You always comes when my teacher teaching me. You always comes when I'm driving. You always come when I will go to bed. You like a part of my soul. Just you who can understand at all about me. Right now, I still sitting in the class, waiting the rain stop falling, and waiting my tears stop falling too.....