Selasa, 22 September 2009

The first time when I met 'my monster'

It's about a month ago, when I was boring with my matery study and I opened my mig. Someone who have nick 'moha_ghost2001' from Libya have added my nick. He said that he knows my nick from which one of his friend (and really, I don't care :D hahaha) But finally I like chatting with him because he has a good behavior and I'm so so so interested with type people like him. Sometimes when I'm not faund him on mig, I was thinking about him and send him some messages. Sometimes we've fighting because our topics (or because I'm a hard girl) :D hahaha... But I love Moha so much as like as my brother. Did u know? He has called me when he was birthday and Eidul Alfitr day on Saturday, Sept 19th 2009, 02:37 PM during 3min 47sec. I've remember that well. I'm so so happy thingking about his voice that like a monster :D hahaha... I hope we can meet, one day... I love Moha my little monster brother so much than I do :)