Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

The greatest girl on earth (from my side)

1st of all . Assalamu alaikum . I am Mohammed , i'm that 1 who has Julia talked about , i wanna tell some about the greatest girl i've ever met . Julia is a girl who has good heart , good behaviour and good look , that girl has hacked my mind , and made it belongs to her , even my heart , she hacked it , i'm so so so crazy about her . I feel like i'm dying in her . In fact , she's almost perfect as i think . I don't know what others think , but that's my suggestions . However , sometimes there's some boy who wants us to separate , i don't know what's wrong with him , i don't care about him , and i wanna say to him and all , I WILL NOT LEAVE JULIA AS LONG AS I'M STILL BREATHING . And tell her , don't worry , Julia . I've promised you times and times that i won't leave you . And i still have 1 hope and i'm praying to Allah to do it , and it's meet Julia . May Allah let us meet each , Julia . May Allah be and protect you . I love you so much :-) . Thank you all who read this . :-)

Selasa, 15 Desember 2009

My Life?

My life now is like... Hmmm.. Don't know what. I don't know why I feel so strange. I've ever told that something lose in my soul. But I don't know what? But I think that impossible if I lost your love, no. I trust you at all. We've knew that we had so so so far distance. Maybe we will never meet with each other, but I don't hope so. Now, right now I'm writing my blog in my class when the bell was ringing the sign that school today is over. Alone with silence. Today, rain is falling like I have the tears. But I wants to be that rain's water. Because they are falling wherever they want. And if I become the rain, I will fall to there. I wants to be the star in the sky. Because everynights I will seeing you sleep like an angel, and I will shining on your dream. I don't know, I will become what if I really lost you. No and never, I won't. Although no one know that we are still... Yeah you know that. Because I won't nobody distrub us. You always comes when my teacher teaching me. You always comes when I'm driving. You always come when I will go to bed. You like a part of my soul. Just you who can understand at all about me. Right now, I still sitting in the class, waiting the rain stop falling, and waiting my tears stop falling too.....

Kamis, 05 November 2009

Finally I can heared ur voice again!

So thanks to Allah that gave me chance for heared my monster voice again, heheh :) I was so surprised when my phone ringing. I won't answer first because he told me that, 'If I make misscalled to u it mean I wanna u online, Julia.' So I won't answer. But that was ringing more than 10secs and finally I decided to answer his calls, and... I was so so so surprised!! I heared his voice again, thx God!! That was happened on Tuesday, Nov 3rd 09 at 7.00 p.m.. That calls during 3 mins 43secs. We have talking about our news, our homeworks, our dinner and lunch and 'what do u do now?' (I've answer my lovely brother calls) heheh ;) I'm feel so so so happy! When I was talking with him, I always smiling. And after calls ended, I was smiling. When I was during chatting with him, I keep smiling and looking at his photos!
I wanna beside you Julia... I want to meet you! I want it right now...
When u said that, actually, I wanna crying... Will we can meet each other? Will I can see ur face, really ur face? Will I can hug u, kiss ur forehead when u'll sleep? Will we candle light dinner togther? Will we can anything we want?

I hope Allah hear our hope...

Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009

XII Natural Science 1's class

I'm so glad can be which one the natural science student. I have 31 students in my class. And me, Yulia Shara, has the last absent in the class.
My friends that girls. Hmmm... They're so cutterbox in the class, and make the crowd! Sometimes I hate with them, but, just they can help me in the class.
My friends that boys. Hmmmm... They're so freak (who said that I'm freak) YUCK! But the boys more enjoyed than the girls.
XII NS 1 class has 2 leaders. They're Ms. Nanik Feriyanti S,Pd and Ms. Dra. Tri Winarni. They're so so so alike our moms...
Not up to 6 monthes again, we will holding final exams, it's maybe on last March or first April.
Begin 1 November 09, we have to get in school at 5.30 a.m, and go home at 4 p.m. Oh my God -,-
But, I must self confidence,

Minggu, 11 Oktober 2009


SHIT! Why if I was chatting with my little, I always slept? WHY? I missing him so much and I wanna chatting with him a lot of time! Yaa Allah, give me a much time to chatting with him like when I was took holiday... I wanna crying right now!!!! I hate school that take our time! I'm does FOOL again! I always slept! SHIT! I hate this... Moha, I'm so so so sorry about this. Because sometimes when I was opened mig when I've arrived at home, I think u were still at school. Sometimes I was opened mig at 5 or 6 or 7 p.m, but if I didn't look ur contact online, I was log out again. Because just that time we can chatting. If I was always slept when we were chatting, it because I'm so tired and sleepy. I took 10:30hours to study in school (5.30 a.m till 4 p.m) and after that I must praying Al Ashr, and then take a bath, after that dinner, and must review my lessons from 5 p.m till 8 p.m so sometimes till 9 p.m. And I must go to bed at 10 or 11 p.m because I must wake up at 4.15 p.m and goes to school at 5 p.m. I'm so busy now :'( That's why sometimes I was slept when we were chatting. I hope u understand me, and understand all my activities... I know, now, we just have less time to chatting, but it's for our future. U and me are 3rd grade now, so we must study hard to study. And after we have finish our school, we have time for chatting like when we were first met... I miss u so much my little... I'll never wanna losing u, now and forever...

Rabu, 30 September 2009

Dream comes true? nothing's impossible!

God, what the meaning of dream that I've dreams last night? I'm meet Moha! And his family. I can see him so clearly. I'm talking with him. He was smiling, laughing and put his hand on my shoulder and see my eyes. We've celebrated Eidul Alfitr together in my house. He's wearing white clothes and sit right in front of me. I can't forget ur sweeter smile my baby. It so short dreams but need a long time to forget that dreams. And I hope it will come true, amien... And for u all, remember me! Nothing is impossible...

I hope u'll never leave and forget me, Mohammed...

Selasa, 29 September 2009

Matery School's Schedule

06.30-07.15 : Flag ceremonies
07.15-08.45 : Chemistry
08.45-09.30 : Jakarta's Social
09.30-09.45 : Break
09.45-10.30 : Jakarta's Social
10.30-12.00 : Mathematics
12.00-12.45 : English

06.30-08.00 : Islamic Religion
08.00-09.30 : Mathematics
09.30-09.45 : Break
09.45-11.15 : Chemistry
11.15-12.00 : Biological Science
12.00-12.45 : X'self Expansion
12.45-13.15 : Dzuhur Pray and Lunch
13.15-14.45 : Cultural Art and Aspect

06.30-08.00 : Arab Language
08.00-09.30 : Chemistry
09.30-09.45 : Break
09.45-12.00 : English
12.00-12.45 : Indonesian's Art
12.45-13.15 : Dzuhur pray and Lunch
13.15-14.45 : Indonesian's Art

06.30-08.00 : Sport
08.00-09.30 : Physics
09.30-09.45 : Break
09.45-11.15 : Biological Science
11.15-12.45 : Information Technology and Communications
12.45-13.15 : Dzuhur pray and Lunch
13.15-14.45 : Practice and Conversation English

06.30-07.00 : Read Al Quraan
07.00-08.20 : Indonesian's Art
08.20-09.40 : Education of Civic
09.40-10.00 : Break
10.00-11.30 : Physics

05.30-06.30 : Physics Questions Practice
06.30-08.00 : Physics
08.00-09.30 : Mathematics
09.30-09.45 : Break
09.45-11.15 : Biological Science
11.15-12.00 : History

Oh my God!! :'(

I miss u so so so much my little Moha :'( I'm so so so sorry, I told u that I will open mig at 10:00 p.m but I didn't opened on schedule, cause I was arrived at home at 10:45 p.m. And I'm feel regrets cause that. I decides to open mig at that time, but I didn't found u, and I'm waiting for u. But finally (and I think) I was slept with mig :) hehehe... Do u know Moha? I'm feel so stupid when u pv but I wasn't answered that! Because if in Indo midnight, u always open mig. But on midnight I'm not strong for to do something because I have many activities at morning till evening. I'm so regret about last night! It always happened on midnight. I always open mig in the morning but at this time, it time for u to sleeps. My tears went out of control now, I'm so regret, so so regret about this. Do u know why? Because if I have starts to school, we just have so few time for chatting. Maybe 8 or 9 p.m here (3 or 4 p.m there). And u were knew of my school schedule. I have 9:30hours to study on school. But that willn't becomes the reason for me to lessens my love at u. I promise I'll try to always sends u mail on mig-mail and gives u about my news. I won't losing u my baby... I won't!! My God, my tears went now. I listens to White Lion-You're All I Need and it always make me remember and thinking about u... I listen it now, when I'm write this right now. I hate our distance and time difference! But we must receive destiny which like this. I miss u so much my little baby, my sweetie :( I won't losing u! I wanna always with u now and forever...

Selasa, 22 September 2009

The first time when I met 'my monster'

It's about a month ago, when I was boring with my matery study and I opened my mig. Someone who have nick 'moha_ghost2001' from Libya have added my nick. He said that he knows my nick from which one of his friend (and really, I don't care :D hahaha) But finally I like chatting with him because he has a good behavior and I'm so so so interested with type people like him. Sometimes when I'm not faund him on mig, I was thinking about him and send him some messages. Sometimes we've fighting because our topics (or because I'm a hard girl) :D hahaha... But I love Moha so much as like as my brother. Did u know? He has called me when he was birthday and Eidul Alfitr day on Saturday, Sept 19th 2009, 02:37 PM during 3min 47sec. I've remember that well. I'm so so happy thingking about his voice that like a monster :D hahaha... I hope we can meet, one day... I love Moha my little monster brother so much than I do :)

Hahaha, finally I have finished my blog!

Thanks to Allah cause gave me an energy when I maked this blog (because I was so sleepy) hahaha :D And thanks to Moha my little brother because he has accompany me when make this blog and thanks to all that I love so much... First, I'm so happy because finally I have a blog, hahaha :D Secondly, I'll try to story anything that what happened with me (if I have much time) And the last, I'll be waiting for your comments :)